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NASA e-Book Library screenshot
NASA e-Book Library

During this project to curate all of NASA’s e-Books into a central online library, Jason worked with the NASA History Office, Aeronautics Directorate and the Print and Design Office to take their e-Book collections and index them on an agency-wide website. Since each office involved had separate e-Book collections available, curating the books into a central listing was crucial to enhance the end-user experience locating all of NASA’s e-Books. Jason designed this index taking into account requirements to showcase the books in a manner similar to other commercial online booksellers. Part of this design includes a slideshow for the latest e-Books published with large graphics of the book covers and a directory listing by topic beneath the slideshow. Additionally, Jason worked with the NASA website vendor to create a mobile-optimized version of this page available on the NASA Mobile Website. Jason created the requirements for the mobile version of the site ensuring the same listings of e-Books was derived from NASA’s content management system to ensure efficiencies by avoiding doubling of work and out of sync listings.

NASA e-Book Library screenshot


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