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"La NASA présente sa stratégie Social Media" - Le Blog du Modérateur

La gestion des réseaux sociaux de la NASA est un exemple pour beaucoup de community managers. L’agence gouvernementale responsable du programme spatial américain diffuse du contenu sur plus de 500 comptes, sur 16 plateformes différentes. Pour en savoir plus sur la stratégie de la NASA sur les réseaux sociaux et sur l’organisation du community management, nous […]

"Why Do We Treat Our Spacecraft Like They're Humans?" - Newsy

"There's a lot of people who follow us because it taps back into that childlike wonderment that they had when they were a kid," said Jason Townsend, deputy social media manager at NASA. "I think we can really connect in a way that is relevant and resonates really well with our audience." Watch: http://www.newsy.com/stories/humans-treat-spacecraft-like-other-humans/

"Why NASA’s social media is out of this world" - NewsWhip

"We’re always looking for opportunities to be part of the bigger, overarching conversation that’s happening on social media, because there’s a certain audience that already follows NASA and they’re kind of naturally gravitating toward us. But there’s definitely other audiences out there that if NASA was part of a conversation that they’re talking about, rather […]

"IBD @ SXSW: Lockheed Martin Ventures' HeloPitch; VR At Home Depot, NASA" - Investor Business Daily TV

Watch: http://www.investors.com/news/ibd-sxsw-lockheed-martin-ventures-helopitch-vr-at-home-depot-nasa/

"How Virtual Reality and Social Media Are Helping Buzz Aldrin and NASA Educate the Masses" - Ad Week

“We [are promoting] our presence in Austin on our social media channels and encourage the sharing of NASA-related content using the #NASASXSW hashtag during the event,” remarked Jason Townsend NASA‘s deputy social media manager. Read more: http://www.adweek.com/digital/how-virtual-reality-and-social-media-are-helping-buzz-aldrin-and-nasa-educate-the-masses/

"Communicating science in the clickbait era" - ScienceWriters Magazine

Jason Townsend, NASA deputy social media manager, said his team takes advantage of trending topics, anniversaries, and other connections in the news to draw in new audiences. For instance, it allowed British boy band One Direction to shoot a music video about a space mission to Mars at NASA facilities. NASA’s social media team filmed […]

"Experts Outline Three Ways to Boost Science Communication" - AAAS

Jason Townsend, NASA deputy social media manager, said his team takes advantage of trending topics, anniversaries and other connections in the news to draw in new audiences. For instance, it allowed British boy band One Direction to shoot a music video about a space mission to Mars at NASA facilities. NASA’s social media team filmed […]

"How agencies use social media to recruit the next workforce" - FCW

Jason Townsend, NASA’s deputy social media manager, said recruitment is “one of our core goals with audiences we’re reaching. We’re trying to reach that next generation of explorers who are out there and get them interested and inspired to go into STEM fields. That is our future pipeline at NASA -- if not for a […]

"An Inside Look at NASA’s Wildly Successful Social Media Program" - Sprinklr

Jason Townsend, NASA’s deputy social media manager, says the organization’s social media strategy has grown in “leaps and bounds” in recent years. And much of that success boils down to a simple, yet beautiful, concept – “brute force coordination.” By this, he means that communication happens regularly, across all teams, and across all levels. Not […]

"Messages from space: a Q&A with NASA’s social team" - The Verge

"Jason Townsend: People can be embedded along with the mission. Using the tools and all the features that we have, we’re able to take everybody along for the ride, which is very different than having something go out as a press release. [That puts you] kind of at a distance and kind of detached from […]

"How Social Media is Defining the New Era of PR" - Social Driver

Last week, Chief Strategy Officer, Anthony Shop led a panel at #PRSummitDC called “Beyond Interruption: How Social Media is Defining the New Era of PR” to discuss this exact shift in PR. The awesome group of panelists included: Julie Weber, Briana Washington, and Jason Townsend. They shared their tips for creating winning public relations efforts […]

"Inside NASA's Social Media Machine" - Bloomberg

Jason Townsend, NASA's deputy social media manager, discusses NASA's social media efforts with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." Watch video: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2016-06-01/inside-nasa-s-social-media-machine

"The meteoric rise of NASA's social media program" - Tech Radar

And they'll continue shooting for the stars. In fact, Townsend seems to think the agency's still light years away from its full social media potential. "The bottom line," he says, "is that wherever people are getting their news from, where people are getting information, NASA wants to be there." Read more: http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/the-meteoric-rise-of-nasa-s-social-media-program-1320130

"Speaking Freely" - Newseum at SXSW

Jason Townsend, deputy social media manager of NASA, talks about engaging the public on current space initiatives via social media, as well as how NASA is using virtual reality and robotics in their astronaut training programs.

"Sunday at SXSW: Profiting from Live Streaming, Honing Leadership Skills, and Building Brand Ambassadors" - Oracle Blog

NASA’s Jason Townsend described how major events can spawn ambassadors. If you provide memorable experiences that are approachable, you can covert casual space enthusiasts to collaborators and advocators. NASA has the added value of talking about space, which is pretty cool in and of itself. However, when the government shut down for budgetary reasons and […]

"State of Federal Blogging 2016" - Digital Gov

At NASA they do not have a single or “main” blog for the agency, but they have many blogs managed by staff. Jason Townsend, Deputy Social Media Manager, states that their strategy is “to enable the ease of sharing content through a centralblogs.nasa.gov site but with a myriad of authors and voices covering a wide […]

"FEDtalk: Roundtable With Agency Communications Professionals" - Federal News Radio

With the public obtaining news and information from a growing array of sources, federal agencies are adjusting their communications strategies to inform and engage the public about agency missions, programs, and the people who carry them out. Host Jason Briefel will be joined by Jason Townsend, NASA Deputy Manager for Social Media, Danielle Brigida, U.S. […]

How NASA brings excitement about outer space to social space - PR Week

Jason Townsend, NASA's deputy social manager, explains how the agency builds buzz around science and discovery on social media. How did you tee up social media around the announcement of water on Mars? The day before the event, we had #MarsAnnouncement trending on social media. That morning, everyone was buzzing around what NASA was going to […]

"How NASA Turned Astronauts into Social Media Superstars" - Popular Science

According to Jason Townsend, NASA’s social media manager and the person in charge of NASA’s organizational accounts, the choice of platforms is a “multi-factored” discussion. He rattles off a list of questions that he and his colleagues ask when helping astronauts post to social media: “Do we have the capacity for that? Is it bringing […]

"The Brand As A Content Producer: Where Does Social Fit In?" - Social Bro

“We have a great team of science writers that work at our different centres, who sit down with the scientists and basically interview them. The writers try to get to the heart of the research that the scientists have done and what they’re talking about. They then create a document on how best to communicate […]

"El equipo detrás de las más de 480 cuentas de social media de la NASA" - Audiense

Hablamos con John Yembrick, Social Media Manager de la NASA, y Jason Townsend, Deputy Social Media Manager de la NASA, para descubrir cómo lo hacen. No solo nos han contado detalladamente cómo organizan un equipo de social media de más 150 personas en todo el sistema solar… Compartieron con nosotros las cosas tan sorprendentes que […]

"NASA’s Social Media Strategy Is Genius—And Kinda Maddening" - WIRED

“This mandate to reach as many people as possible has been in NASA’s charter since 1958,” says Jason Townsend, Yembrick’s deputy on the social media team. ... For example, the Pluto photo was not only NASA’s most liked photo, but it also gained them 300,000 new followers. “Now 300,000 new people are learning about NASA,” […]

"How a bunch of government space geeks at NASA won the internet" - Quartz

The masters of this social-media universe are John Yembrick and his deputy, Jason Townsend. Both are veterans of other government agencies. In addition to being the sole tweeters from NASA’s flagship account, the pair oversee 500 other accounts on 12 different social-media platforms and coordinate the other managers across 10 field centers. It’s a cosmic […]

"Why is Social Critical for NASA?" - Sprinklr Video

In this video, Sprinklr explores how NASA shares space exploration with their ambassadors over 490 social media channels. Watch: https://youtu.be/6pSvJtq0Ofw

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