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"There Goes the Sun: NASA Upgrades Technology to Prepare for a Total Solar Eclipse" - Fed Tech Magazine

"The new website puts more emphasis on accessibility and mobile readability, as well as faster page load time and search engine optimization. Topics have been organized in a user-friendly way so that searches such as “What time is the eclipse?” get people where they need to be, says Jason Townsend, NASA’s communications manager. “We’ve really tried […]

"3 Government Agencies Doing Innovative Things on Social" - Sprinklr Blog

"The team’s success centers around the concept of what NASA deputy social media manager, Jason Townsend, calls “brute force coordination” – regular communication across teams and levels, both top-down and bottom-up." Read more: https://blog.sprinklr.com/government-agencies-social-media-engagement/

"5 Social Media Marketing Lessons from NASA" - B2C: Business 2 Community

“Everybody has that little bit of childlike wonderment in them,” says Jason Townsend, the agency’s deputy social media manager on Twitter’s blog. “If we can find that curiosity in every person out there and pull it out of them, then we can really engage with an audience that is interested in what we’re talking about.” Read […]

"Behind the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing" - Google Doodles

View the Doodle: https://www.google.com/doodles/50th-anniversary-of-the-moon-landing

"Watch this space: we meet Nasa’s stars of social" - The Drum

For Yembrick and Townsend it’s just another hectic day at the space-faring government agency. “We’re looking at the best ways to connect with people, so as to reach the widest audience possible,” says Townsend, explaining how the brand continues to contribute to the zeitgeist. “We really do think our audience is all of humanity, so […]

"How Space YouTubers Are Keeping Astronaut Ambitions Alive" - Super Cluster

Even NASA — which has more than 5.2 million subscribers across its channels — utilizes the platform as an invaluable tool for increasing public awareness. The agency produces YouTube content specifically geared toward kids to spark early interest — it knows it has to, because this is the place to reach them. NASA also sees […]

"NASA uses Twitter audience insights to take fans to new frontiers" - Twitter Partners

“At the end of the day, if you’re not measuring what you’re doing, you’re not succeeding at being able to improve, learn from what’s going on, and roll that up into your next actions.” - Jason Townsend, NASA’s deputy social media manager Read more: https://partners.twitter.com/en/partner-resources/nasa-uses-twitter-audience-insights-to-take-fans-to-new-frontier

"How NASA Taps Into Curiosity to Build an Engaged Social Community" - Sprinklr Magazine

We might never know what space sounds like if it wasn’t for NASA’s social media strategy. After auditing its social audience, the government agency realized it had a built-in group of audiophile fans that it just wasn’t engaging. It seems NASA got so caught up in posting beautiful, out-of-this-world photos to show us what space looks like […]

"NASA Is Proving That Space Might Be the Final Frontier for Organic Social Content" - AdWeek

NASA deputy social media manager Jason Townsend and digital engagement strategist Brittany Brown recently discussed the agency’s social media strategy, which includes traditional platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, as well as less-frequented destinations like Reddit and even SoundCloud. Since NASA is a government agency, its social posts are all organic out of necessity, […]

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